About Rebekah

I began writing professionally in 2008 after being asked to cover such high profile events as the Casey Anthony case and the 2008 presidential election and my work has been featured on such news outlets as Fox News, Examiner.com, USA Today and Yahoo News. Although my formal education is in law, my passion for politics and the Constitution drives me to use my public position as a means to facilitate change. I believe that there is a difference between news and journalism. News is driven by ratings and journalism is driven by integrity and a quest for truth.  My goal is to help restore this nation to the greatness it once held. Are you with me, America?



Court Appointed Special Advocacy For Children


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths


Tennyson Center for Children


Children’s Charities of America


Klaas Kids Foundation


Gary Sinise Foundation


Children’s Miracle Network


Marine Toys for Tots Foundation


The Make a Wish Foundation


Royal Family Kids Camps


Never Give Up… Ever


Shriner’s For Children